When we “Google it”, how many results come up?
Foundations supporting early childhood development: 271,000,000
Universities supporting early childhood development: 439,000,000
How to create an early childhood learning center: 1,320,000,000
What are the benefits of early childhood education: 251,000,000
Who funds early childhood education: 488,000,000

We have a wealth of insights, ideas and research focused on early childhood learning programs. This can provide every city and town with the knowledge needed to create a seamless system of early childhood learning programs, providing a vital service to every parent who seeks it.

Programs that provide an environment full of creativity, art, music, movement, words, challenges and opportunities to learn how to interact with others create the fundamental skills for a productive life. Early childhood education can play an important role in reducing the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences.

Mom Tess just discovered it’s a six-month waiting list to gain access to a local  early childhood learning program. It’s time to increase capacity to ensure timely access.

It can steer kids clear of destructive behaviors in order to create the foundation for success in school and a path toward great jobs and, one day, their own healthy families. The institution itself can be a great way for other pairs of eyes to screen out problems, support parents, and prevent potential family challenges.  

Innovations focus on ensuring access to quality programs for all parents seeking a place for their children – and tech plays a role in client data collection and education for kids, parents and staff.