Survival Service #3 – Medical Body

When we “Google it”, how many results come up?
How to ensure everyone can access health services: 829,000,000
How to address health care provider shortages: 165,000,000
Methods for promoting health care delivery services in a rural community: 46,100,000
What are the pros and cons of a single payer healthcare system? 226,000
How effective are mobile health clinics: 721,000,000

If you have the time, there are 6,550,000,000 articles on “health care” to review. Our medical research centers, university public health departments, and thousands of health advocate agencies have published articles on how to improve care for many decades. We do not lack for solutions yet the US continues to struggle to create a system of health care that serves everyone with no solution in sight – at least on the federal level. Solutions to our health disparities may have to be solved on the state, county and city level. What we do know is that our kids and parents struggle to access care in both urban and rural areas. Even with insurance, long waiting lists and expensive co-pays can hamper timely and quality care. This means we have an excellent opportunity to work on the local level to create a seamless system of care.

Excellent health care is already here, the challenge is ensuring that 100% of our county residents can access it. We work to ensure that dental services are covered with the same urgency as general health care since oral health is directly related to overall health outcomes.

Our current system can leave a teen like Eric, with failing eyesight, dizziness and headaches, unable to get help in a timely manner. This we can fix with collaboration.

Unleashing innovation to fix gaps in services in this sector starts with research. And we don’t lack for it. Our 100% Community course houses a menu of evidence-based and promising practices to consider implementing in your county. And you have a powerful search engine on your mobile.

Healthcare and dental care are important for everyone’s success in family life, school and work. Simply put, untreated or poorly treated health or dental and oral health can drag down school performance, strain relationships, and generally stand in the way of a good life for kids.

Expanded Medicaid in New Mexico has ensured that many more of our children have access to health care. However, lack of dental care is a serious issue that our communities need to find innovative ways to solve.

Advances in technology are making care more and more available and we all need access to the trained experts throughout our life – but some of that can be virtual or mobile (with clinics on wheels).

Our goal is easy access to a quality health care system where services are affordable and accessible. We should make sure that parents don’t skip their kid’s medical or dental treatment because they can’t afford it. Comprehensive health care means healthier kids and supported parents. Win win.

Local innovations, experiments, and change initiatives can focus on using data and technology to promote health, prevent problems, and improve access to care and quality of services.