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“100% Community guides us as we embrace the opportunity to design the new systems of care and safety we urgently need.”

—Matt Probst, Medical Director, PA-C, El Centro Family Health, NM and 100% New Mexico initiative director

“For all of us who believe that we can make everyone’s health, safety, resilience and readiness for a crisis a priority, this book shows the way.”

—Senator Bill Soules, New Mexico State Senator

100% Community

We face stark challenges. Pandemics and economic disruptions make once comfortable lives vulnerable, while those already enduring adversity find life impossible. 100% Community is the reset button, providing the roadmap for how we work together in new ways to create local systems of health, safety, education and economic stability.

The 100% Community book series promotes a groundbreaking model for public-private sector partnerships to achieve measurable and meaningful results.



How to ensure five services in your community for surviving

How to ensure five services in your community for thriving

How to get it all done step-by-step

In 100% Community, we provide you and your community with the insights to ensure that ten vital services are working well in times both calm and chaotic. We call these services that none of us can do without, the “surviving services” that start with medical care and include behavioral health care, safe housing, secure food and transport to vital services.

In addition to the five services for survival, initiative members work to ensure what we call the five “thriving services” which include: parent supports, early childhood learning programs, community schools, youth mentors and job training. Each of these services play a vital role in keeping us safe from challenges — both predictable and unexpected.


100% Community shows how we create a local system of readiness that makes us crisis-proof. In a world where any day can present the next public health crisis, we can make all our communities as strong and prepared as possible — ready to weather any storm guided by courage, compassion, cooperation and timely facts.

We know that by investing in strong local systems of care, safety and education, we can decrease health disparities along with adverse childhood experiences, trauma, substance misuse, violence and untreated mental health problems.


We know that we can fix this fragile state of vulnerability and unpreparedness, and we know how. By harnessing data, research and technology, the public and private sectors can work together with unprecedented collaboration to ensure that ten vital services are accessible to 100% of us. These empowering services create a network of care and connectedness — the recipe for safe families and communities.

100% Community provides a tested step-by-step guide to creating a seamless local system of health, safety and training. Insights from decades of real-world experience facing crisis provide context and expertise to ensure vital local systems that leave no one behind.


Guided by 100% Community, we can make everyone’s health, safety and resilience the highest priority in times of crisis and calm. We connect and align with the work of leaders in each county including each mayor and city councilor, county commissioner, school board member, state lawmakers, and public health and crisis readiness professional. Together, with ten vital services accessible to 100%, we’re all stronger and safer.


Katherine Ortega Courtney, PhD and Dominic Cappello are advocates for turning crisis into opportunities for improving systems, solving challenges using data, technology and collaboration. They know why systems that should protect us, can fail us — and teach leadership development and data-driven problem-solving. Dr. Courtney’s expertise in data analysis, continuous quality improvement, collective impact and experimental psychology guides communities and organizations through turbulent and timely change. Cappello is a health systems strategist and New York Times bestseller author, whose Ten Talks book series on family safety reached a national audience when his innovative work was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


“Problems and shortcomings in a society need to be identified, evaluated, and resolved using data and evidence-based methods. Unfortunately, all too often communities leave too many constituents behind as a result of poor community leadership, who tend to be driven by their own personal interest, false heuristics, and cognitive biases, instead of facts, data, and evidence-based research. 100% community does a great job of outlining a roadmap for communities to work better at serving all within the community, especially those who are the weakest and most vulnerable… children.”
—Shawn Waked, MS, CFP™ – Santa Fe

“Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello have not only clearly illustrated the need for a united front of services for our communities, but have now provided a road map for exactly how we can move from crisis to cohesion. The framework provided in this book makes it the most timely (and critical) book release of 2020 to date. If I could wave a magic wand and place it in the hands of every community leader — I would do it in a heartbeat. These two have once again provided the instruction manual. It is up to each of us to turn it into ACTION!”
—Erica Wade, Director, The Center, Owensboro, KY

“100% Community provides a concise road map to help transform cities, counties and states where children and families are struggling, to a place where they are able to survive and thrive. This book could not have been available at a more important time. With this pandemic, we are currently witnessing what occurs in societies when these services are not available at all or not operating at 100%.”
—Dubra Karnes-Padilla, community activist and former University of New Mexico – Valencia Campus instructor

“Excellent! A timely and practical guide for creating change and equality in our society with a grass roots approach. The authors present a common sense, compassionate and workable recipe to ensure that communities are able to provide essential services to all (including the most vulnerable among us) in good times and bad. A must read for anyone interested in innovative ways to improve the health and well-being of our population and not afraid to think outside of the box!”
—Mark Ruben, NYC Intensive Care Nurse

“100% Community — WOW!! Simple, impactful, methodical, and “do-able” action steps to change our communities in less than 5 years. A must read. A must share!”
—Rosemary Condor, Owensboro, KY, CASA program

“If the pandemic has taught us nothing we NEED a real PLAN, and it must be in the hands of those who are poised to take action. Talking about what we ‘should do’ isn’t moving the dial or making a difference. Thankfully, 100% Community is just that. It’s your plan, my plan, and if you’ll read and pass it on, it’s our plan.”
—Michelle Rathman, Curator of the 2020 National Rural Health Day and rural health advocate


New Mexicans, download a PDF copy of the 100% Community ebook free-of-charge

All New Mexicans: you and your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and community’s high school and college students can start reading now free-of-charge.

Non-New Mexico residents, please go to Amazon to obtain a copy of any 100% Community publication.